Why Should SEOs Care About The Brand?

SEOs are likely to focus on bringing organic traffic to the website through Google. Organic traffic means people searched for a generic product name (not brand name) or searched for the topic the writer is targeting in his/her blog.

However, when you shall analyze your sessions, you'll know that there were some sessions in which people have visited your site after searching for your brand name. That means you can bring more traffic to your site with improved brand awareness.

Why SEOs Need To Care About The Brand?

If you only focus on standard on-page SEO tactics, you do not have full control over the increase or decrease in the site traffic. Neither will you have an explanation for numbers. SEOs must care about the company's overall branding to control their performance and the traffic on the website.

If the branding is not up to the mark and subsequently, organic traffic is not increasing, you'll look bad.  

How To Separate Branded And Non-Branded Traffic?

  1. Use Google Search Console. It will give you the number of clicks, which you can roughly assume as your organic traffic, broken down to keyword level. Here's a detailed article on how to use it.

  2. Make a list of brand-related keywords such as your brand name, incorrect spellings of your brand name, or any other term that is highly specific to your brand.

What Do We Mean By Branding? How To Achieve Branding?

Branding is the process of creating a brand image and awareness for your company to gain consumer preference for your offering. To achieve branding, some of the ways your company can adopt:

  1. Focus on brand standards & guidelines (such as mission, core values, content tone, logo, color palette, spacing, background, etc.). It is imperative to create a cohesive and unified visual appearance.

  2. Drive awareness about your company through digital and traditional channels. Focus on cross-channel marketing (customer-focused, multi-channel interaction to build trust for your brand)

  3. Make sure you know your target audience and design strategy accordingly.

  4. Get quality reviews and testimonials. Crucial to build trust and establish your brand as an authority

  5. Focus on delighting customers with unmatched customer service standards.


As SEOs, we usually help in branding by optimizing our content for customer problems. It builds trust for the brand as your brand looks like an authority in the domain. But, it is also true that branding impacts SEO much more than SEO impacts branding. SEO professionals should interact with the whole branding and marketing team to share insight on brand-based traffic, and discuss ways of improving branding and organic traffic.