What is SEO and Why Is It Important

The billion websites mark was exceeded in September 2019, and more than 800,000 websites continue to be put online daily. In this environment, it is difficult to make yourself well understood as well as improve your visibility within search engines. Your site must comply with the rules of the latter, constantly evolving, and respond in a relevant way to the various criteria of relevance, through SEO.

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?            

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques to improve the understanding of the theme of a web page by search engines. We then speak of optimization for natural referencing.

You should know that search engine algorithms take into account around 200 criteria to position and rank a site in the results pages. Optimizing a web page for natural referencing therefore means working and adjusting all of these levers around a set of keywords (generally a main keyword and two to three secondary expressions), with relevance. Keep in mind that all these criteria are independent, so they can be worked on separately and repeatedly before achieving sufficient results. A digital marketing agency in Delhi, Speedwell, is offering the best solutions now. But we will come to that later.

Why should it be implemented?

More and more companies are realizing the need for SEO but still too few are new real strategies. SEO is for absolutely everyone, companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. Whatever the activity and the size of your structure, it is impossible for you to ignore such services. A blind site is a site that does not live.

When should we start thinking about SEO?

This process should start as early as possible. An SEO strategy will give meaning to your website and above all make all of your actions relevant. It is therefore to be integrated from the start of the project and for continuing it throughout the duration.

At the time of creating your website, in order to establish the architecture and navigation patterns through the pages, the internal structure of your pages, to write and optimize your content and to optimize all internal factors, SEO is the only option.

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