5 Popular Software Development Myths That Won't Die

Myths surround people in our high tech world since ancient times. So, even though established software is a very structured science, it does not stop many misconceptions and misunderstandings from this industry. We will speak just about a few of them in this post.

1. The development of software comes with a high price tag

This is probably the most common misconception about the creation of software. Because of this myth, businesses do not exploit the opportunity that custom software can bring that can increase the productivity of their company. Instead, they decide to buy a one size fits all approach that, of course, doesn't suit their needs, and they have to find other ways of getting around it.

2. The More, the Merrier

Unfortunately, there is a misconception that adding people to a production team strengthens it and accelerates output. However, introducing more staff to a project continues to extend the projects timeline and is creating uncertainty due to preparation and coordination problems.

3. Software production has a set time period and a strict cost

Because of the approach to Waterfall, the software simply cannot be analyzed until it is designed. Although many businesses are armed with a fixed price model, they must also bear in mind that the projects quality and incremental costs go further than the planned time limits. There are hidden costs associated with this strategy.

4. The tasks are over until the software is published

If the product is released, input from users must be obtained and used in an iterative approach back to the product. A continuous development and revision process and error checking must be carried out to ensure that the consumer receives the highest quality product.

5. Outsourcing Solves Everything

Simple old outsourcing could produce a much worse problem than you had. In place of fixed costing projects which trigger nonsensical results, dissatisfaction, and high overhead costs, software vendors should start thinking about establishing long-term ties and engaging in a dedicated team model.

The above are just the most common myths, but there are many more besides them. They all construct an IT-sphere community in one way or another. Developers have their own rituals and practices, often very funny, like all other people, but this is yet another. If you have any concerns about other software development myths, please contact Speedwell, the best digital marketing company in Delhi. We are happy to chat about all the questions you have about your project with our competent project and sales management.