How to measure Social Media Engagement

Social media is so important to our changing modern society that a moment without alerts, kisses, and shares is almost impossible to envision. It does not have to be difficult to learn how to quantify social media participation and the different forms of participation. To do your math, there are many tools. For everybody, whether industry or the customer, that should be a priority. Why is this so? Because this is a direct reflection of how valuable your audience?

A review of two areas: engagement and amplification can determine social media success. Engagement tells you how people connect and react to your content, and amplification tells you how people promote your content and endorse your brand.

Why Brands Must Measure The Engagement Of Social Media

Measuring your social media engagement rate provides important insights into the value that you bring to your audience.

  • The lows
  • If the rate is pretty low, you know you don't deliver to the full potential value. If that pattern persists, you should expect to begin losing followers a direct representation of the interest that you don't offer. This can be a big wake-up call if the marketing technique doesn't work.

  • The highs
  • If you can expect the opposite rate to be quite high: the growth of followers as people share your content will also be valuable because they also recognize your friends and fans. This can validate your strategy for messaging. Knock-on effects such as higher conversion rates, stronger impressions, and more passionate fans can be expected. These are all very good issues to have.

  • Passive engagement
  • You can slice your numbers by passive and active engagement if you need more insight into your engagement rate. As the name implies, passive engagement requires less effort. Usually, it looks at commitments requiring just one button tap. Think about Likes and Shares.

  • Active engagement
  • Active engagement requires more effort, so you can see it as worthwhile. Comments, retweets with comments, sharing a note in a private message are active engagements. Any action required on social media to be thoughtful and considerate is an active commitment.

    Finally, if you calculate the interaction rate, you've got a consistent metric that reflects the interest over time. 100 Likes means, even more, coming from a page of 100 followers than one of 10,000 followers. That reflects your engagement rate.

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