How to Build an All-Star Digital Marketing Team from Scratch?

If you want to make your digital marketing endeavors fruitful, you need a strong team. But, what do we mean by a strong team? A strong team of digital marketers is the one with the right talent and vision. And because the landscape of digital marketing is ever-evolving, you need a team that can handle the inevitable obstacles.

This article will highlight the different expertise a successful marketing team possesses. Each position plays a crucial role in the arena of digital marketing.

1. SEO Specialist

A skilled SEO specialist is key to long-term digital authority. An SEO specialist works on Google Analytics and other SEO tools. Their role is crucial to ensure that your company ranks on the first page of a search engine.

2. Content Writer

More than enough people have preached that content is king, and one can never preach it enough. Content writers will turn abstract ideas into more tangible and enthralling content. Rich and relevant content helps your brand grow, establish your brand as an authority in the market, and attracts potential customers.

3. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is another creative addition to your all-star digital marketing team. A picture says a thousand words, particularly when it is illustrating some ideas you want to convey. A Graphic designer helps create social media posts, infographics, ad campaigns, blurbs, etc.

4. Email Automation Specialist

Email/Automation Specialist engages in more logical roles of digital marketing. They plan, coordinate, administrate, and measure both online marketing campaigns.

5. Social Media Manager

The role of Social Media Manager demands a balance between logic and creativity. While Social Media Managers are more logic-leaning themselves, they also have to coordinate with creative content creators. Thus, they drive a successful social media campaign. Social Media Managers ensure consistent social media content, the right content on the right platform, positive brand engagement and customer engagement, and damage control.

6. SEM Specialist

To keep your traffic, conversions and remarketing can be a tiresome job. Fortunately, you have a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist in your all-star digital marketing team, dedicated full time for increasing conversions. They have expertise in using Google AdWords effectively to increase targeted traffic on your website.

7. Project Manager

A Project Manager is a thread to bind the team and your company together. First, they manage delegate projects and the amalgamation of the multitude of tasks performed by various team members. Then, they coordinate with different departments from within the organization to ensure that everything is in line with the goal.


The core to building an all-star digital marketing team from scratch is to make sure that you hire the right people for the right roles. You need more creative minds for content, graphics, and social media marketer, while logical minds for analytical, and strategy-based roles.