Four Predictions on How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

Among the top 4 digital marketing trends in 2021, the number one can come as a surprise

Coronavirus pandemic has pushed all the businesses online and made the digital market super aggressive. Even the local offline shops are extensively leveraging digital marketing. So how do you get a leg up on the competition and win amidst the ruthless digital marketing trends of 2021? We are putting four predictions for the latest digital marketing trends:

1. Content length

The latest digital marketing trend that we will notice is that the content length will matter less than content relevance. Digital marketing campaigns used to race for creating 2000+ words of text content. But the significance of a super lengthy article on something like "how to lock my mobile screen", will have more bounce rate. People need faster resolutions.

Keep your text content lean, and embed it with audio or video illustrative content. Ensure that the audio/video length is around 8-10 minutes. They perform better than 3-5 minutes, or 20-30 minutes, of video/audio content.

2. Page Loading Speed

We cannot give enough stress to the fact that bounce rates will cost you dearly in 2021. It's going to be more crucial than ever to increase page loading speed. According to the trends seen in digital marketing pandemic, the websites with better loading speed saw better conversions.

To have a successful digital marketing campaign, you have to take care of your target audience. Do not assume that if your page loads faster on your computer, it is a guarantee that it will load the same on your audience's computers. One hack for faster website loading is to load your non-static files from CDN (content delivery network). It not only increases the SEO ranking but also increases the conversions.

3. Brand

Only focusing SEO trends, Backlinks, etc., will no longer be fruitful in digital marketing 2021. On-page SEO tactics will eventually help, but only if you stand the competition. And to stand the competition in digital marketing 2021, you need to focus on building your brand.

Digital marketers must care about the overall branding of the company. Create your brand image by creating an excellent website, and provide a delightful user experience. Promote your brand through both digital and traditional channels. Focus on multi-channel interaction with your audience.

4. Podcasts

Repurpose podcasts will be among the latest SEO trends in 2021. When people get tired of too much screen time, they switch to podcasts for informative and entertaining content. Podcasting is flourishing right now, and still a less congested territory for digital marketing than Blogpost. So, you still have an opportunity to grab traffic in this space in 2021.