6 Best Programming Languages For Web Development

Long back, when programming became a thing, there were only a few individuals who were termed as computer programmers with Avant skills in coding. You got it right, not one but many. But nowadays, a lot of IT jobs look for programmers with a firm hand in most of the top programming languages.

If you change careers or advance your resume, you need to get the hang of programming languages that helps you reach the top. But which one to learn? A question that revolves around the mind of most people as learning a language is not just about it. It requires the investment of both money and time.

When it comes to learning something new, the idea of what difficulty you are ready for or how much you know arises. Is it because you want to go into mobile development, software development, or website developer? Is it because you want a certificate for a language, or is it just for the sake of learning something new? Everything comes under consideration. Every aspect of your interest in the making of final decision.

For the clarity of your mind, the complexity of every language, along with how it is used, is explained below. We have researched, and these are the top and best programming languages to learn these days:

  1. Java script
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. Kotlin
  5. PHP
  6. C#

Let us learn about the given languages in more detail.

1. JavaScript

It is the programming of web development, the broadly used language is JavaScript. It offers interactive applications with HTML and CSS both. The structure and foundation of each and everything you find on the Internet is basically JavaScript. Astoundingly, it is deliberated to be the accustomed language of the Internet. To add exclusive features to the website, JavaScript can be used in the backend and frontend.  

The forming structure of a lot of frameworks and libraries on the Internet, JavaScript is used. If you plan to work as a programmer for any company with a niche in website designing, you need to learn JavaScript.

2. Python

Python as a language is considered to be a must-learned open-source programming language. As a programmer, one should know how to use Python. The syntaxes of Python are easy to learn and in-built, but also it is going to be used in the fields that are going to become mainstream in 2021. It is considered that the more you are skilled in Python, the more you will be applicable for machine learning and AI.

Along with being an easy-to-learn language, it is considered adaptable. It can be used for software development, backend development, writing system scripts, mobile application development, and data science. 

Anyone looking forward to going ahead in the career of Data Science must have a deep knowledge of Python as it is the preferred language for the respective field. The ML libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas are popular for machine learning and data science. It is expected that it will be used for website development and rise in 2022.

3. Java

A language that has stayed for a long time and is considered the most popular is Java. Even after being in the mainstream media for quite a long time and facing competition, it is still considered the most in-demand general-purpose programming language framework that is extensively used. It is used chiefly in website development and application development, but it is an all-in-one language that can be used in everything. 

The feature of it having robust memory allocation is extremely important for trends android development. It is also has a high-performance feature which makes it one of the popular languages. Popular sites like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Twitter use Java for the backends.

Even if the company you are applied to specifically asked for experience in different languages, they will still expect you to have skills in Java. Your knowledge of Java will make you appear like an experienced professional. 

4. Kotlin

Kotlin supports functional programming and is one of the general-purpose languages that are compatible with Java. Anyone looking forward to starting their career in server-side applications, web applications, desktop applications, android application development, and many more fields related to developing should learn Kotlin. It is ideal for someone who thinks they want to become a part of a new age of development. 

Kotlin is considered to be user-friendly programming which is a more accessible version of Java. Developers these days prefer Kotlin over Java as it is easy to function and code with. Post Mates and Pinterest are renowned companies that opted for Kotlin for their interface and base language. 

Kotlin is an android based language. It is expected to become one of the most influential languages shortly since android is becoming one of the highest-selling devices. Learning such a language in the early days will probably benefit the people in the coming age. 

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5. PHP

PHP was created in the year 1990 and is an open-source language widely used by web developers. Even after being in the league for a very long time, PHP web development is still considered one of the essential languages. Quite a lot of web developers still believe that one should have a good hand in PHP for the development of 80% of sites found on the Internet. One of the biggest platforms like Yahoo and Facebook had PHP as their foundation language. 

PHP can be used for cross platforms like desktops, websites, and mobiles for development. If you are a beginner in programming languages, it is relatively easy to learn and cope with. To have an impact on professional, full-fledged knowledge of PHP can work for you.

Programmers primarily practice PHP chiefly to inscribe server-side scripts. On the other hand, developers can apply PHP to inscribe command-line scripts, and programmers with elevated PHP coding expertise can utilize it to improve desktop applications.

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6. C#

C# became famous for supporting object-oriented programming in the early 2000s. Microsoft developed the C# and promoted it worldwide. The framework of .NET can be used with C# and makes it one of the essential and powerful languages. C# is considered to be more like C++ than Java when compared with functionalities and working.

If you are working on Windows, iOS, and Android applications, C# is the best option to go with. C# requires the help of a unified development environment product. MarketWatch, Dell, and Bing are popular and extensively used websites where the C# is used in the backend.


If you are planning to start your career in programming or thinking of enhancing your skillset, you must have a fantastic grasp of the abovementioned languages. In our opinion, these languages carry immense weightage when it comes to becoming a professional programmer. Choose wisely what you want to get into and where your abilities lie. Make sure to have knowledge regarding everything you are planning to do with your life. 

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